Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Miscellaneous Happenings

I have been working a lot, and Michael has still being doing the whole stay-at-home dad thing. I think he's realized why I'm so tired all the time! He actually started working for the same company I am at in the promotions department part-time. It's kind of fun to work together. :)

We had the face painting kit up at work for a few days so I painted the kids' faces. Harper wanted to look like Max. :)
 Harper is still in love with her new puppy Maggie. The other day, Harper threw herself on the floor crying because Maggie wouldn't give her a high five. Oh, the drama.

As you can tell, she got over it though....

We went over to my sister's house for a play date a couple of weeks ago. She picked out her outfit...
 Yes, that's a shovel in her "pocket."
She wore her Captain America shirt that day in honor of the release of The Avengers.
The next night we went to the drive-in to see The Avengers! Some people from work came out there too so we all hung out together. It was so fun! I LOVE the drive-in!

Harper and Pearl waiting on the movie to start

 SO cute!
We have been having beautiful weather mixed in with a few rainy days. I am loving the cool evenings and definitely not ready for the summer heat.

She Calls Me Mommy

Mother's Day was a day I had always dreamed of being able to celebrate with a child of my own. I remember the very first Mother's Day following the loss of our first baby. It was emotional, and it hurt. This past Sunday, I couldn't help but to think of all of those women out there who hurt on Mother's Day whether it is infertility, miscarriage, the death of a child, or gave a child up for adoption. I am so incredibly overwhelmed with thankfulness for being able to celebrate Mother's Day with a happy and healthy 2 year old baby girl of my own. I don't deserve such a gift, but I thank God every day for trusting me with her.

My very first moment of being a mom.
The first time I got to hold her after recovery
 This Mother's Day was extra special because my mom was in town. My brother in law treated us all to brunch at the Texas Tech Club. We had our own private room which made it even more relaxing knowing we wouldn't have to constantly regulate the noise level of our kids!
 Amy and I with our kids and our mom
 Me and Harper

 Harper was VERY excited about the field!
 Sweet SJ

 My sweet family complete with Harper making a crazy face
 Me, mom, and Amy
 Harper and Grammy
 Grammy with her two youngest grand babies

After brunch, we hung out for a little while then I took advantage of the day to take a LONG nap! It was such a great day!

I am so thankful she calls me Mommy!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sarah Jane is Turning TWO!

Oh, sweet Sarah Jane. I can't believe you will be TWO tomorrow! Her birthday party was this past Saturday. It was so fun to relax and hang out with friends. She's so cute and funny! I love this kid!

Amy showed me the pattern she wanted to use for SJ's party, and I designed the invitations for her. They turned out so cute!
 I also made this printable banner for her party. It matched the material her dress was made of. So cute!
 I made her a sweet little pillowcase dress out of this awesome material Amy found. 
 Harper was there too! :)
I wasn't sure how she was going to react with all the attention on her, but she did great!
 Isn't she the cutest?! My sister Misti and her family called with Facetime, so they were able to "be there" while we all sand Happy Birthday. I love technology!

 It's sad she didn't like her cake at all.... ;)
 Sweet baby Emma was there too! SJ and Harper LOVE "their" Emma. Holding hands...so sweet.
I am so thankful my sister and her family are back in Lubbock so I can spend occasions such as this with them!


Have I mentioned how much I love the company I work for? I have never worked for a company who's owner cares as much as our's does about his staff. He invited all of the Kids Club staff to stay at his cabin in Ruidoso, NM for a few days at the end of April. It was just the break that we all needed. We love our job, but it's so nice to take a few days off once in a while. Thank you to the staff who opted out of the vacation and stayed to work in the Kids Clubs while we were gone. Thirteen of us girls met up at the cabin late on Thursday.

Incredible cabin, right?
 Friday we headed to Midtown. We shopped, did a wine tasting, ate at Cafe Rio (Oh.My.Word. Yum!), and did a little grocery shopping.
Wine tasting!
Barbara, Kinsey, Lacey, and Taylor at Cafe Rio
 Me, Rheanna, Amy, and Alyssa at Cafe Rio
 Taking a break after eating too much
When we got back to the cabin, I roasted some HUGE marshmallows.
 Saturday, we went to the flea market, rode some go karts, and lost some money at the casino.
Barbara, Kinsey, Lacey, Amy, Me, and Alyssa
 Rheanna, Alyssa, and Me
 Sunday, we all got packed up, cleaned the house, and headed back to Lubbock. Our car (Lacey, Taylor, Kinsey, Alyssa, and Me) stopped in Roswell at the UFO Museum. That's some freaky stuff! My dad would always tell me how he believed in aliens, and I used to laugh at him. Now I'm not so sure!
If I came across this thing, I would hide the evidence too!
 We had an awesome weekend! Thank you so much to the Nelson's for allowing us to stay in your amazing cabin!

Monday, May 7, 2012


We finished our Financial Peace University class tonight. As annoying as I thought this class would be, because I am financially ignorant, it couldn't have come at a better time in our lives. With Michael being unemployed for 2 months now, you may guess we have been more than a little stressed out. I can honestly say I really haven't. I go through phases, but all in all, I know everything is going to work out. I have too many people praying for us for it not to. :)

Michael had an interview today for a job with an electric coop in the Austin area. He said it went well, and we hope to hear something soon. He also has a second interview tomorrow with an environmental consulting company in Midland. I am nervous about where Michael's next job may take us, but I know we will be placed right where we need to be. It's really hard for me to give up the reigns sometimes, but with this, I know I have no control.

On a completely different note, so many people around me (okay...not physically, but on Facebook) are pregnant. I am at the same point I was before we got pregnant with Harper. Sad. Obviously, I have some control over this one, but it's hard to remain faithful and know it's not my timing but His. 

Picnic in the Park

Harper had her end of year program at school at the end of April. The kids were so cute, and Harper did so great! I was half expecting her to completely zone out and stare at all of us, but she sang her songs and was so proud of herself. I love this school and so thankful for her teacher, Lara. Harper has learned so much, and I take about 1% of that credit. 

Cassie did such an amazing job with the props on stage!
 A screen shot of Harper walking into the auditorium
 Sitting with her class
 She did so well!

Here is a cute video of Harper's class.