Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Miscellaneous Happenings

I have been working a lot, and Michael has still being doing the whole stay-at-home dad thing. I think he's realized why I'm so tired all the time! He actually started working for the same company I am at in the promotions department part-time. It's kind of fun to work together. :)

We had the face painting kit up at work for a few days so I painted the kids' faces. Harper wanted to look like Max. :)
 Harper is still in love with her new puppy Maggie. The other day, Harper threw herself on the floor crying because Maggie wouldn't give her a high five. Oh, the drama.

As you can tell, she got over it though....

We went over to my sister's house for a play date a couple of weeks ago. She picked out her outfit...
 Yes, that's a shovel in her "pocket."
She wore her Captain America shirt that day in honor of the release of The Avengers.
The next night we went to the drive-in to see The Avengers! Some people from work came out there too so we all hung out together. It was so fun! I LOVE the drive-in!

Harper and Pearl waiting on the movie to start

 SO cute!
We have been having beautiful weather mixed in with a few rainy days. I am loving the cool evenings and definitely not ready for the summer heat.

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