Friday, September 21, 2012

Harper's Stats Birth to 2.5 Years

I was trying to look back today to see what Harper's stats were at 1 year, and it made me realize I never posted them! So, this is for the baby book!

Birth 10-28-09
6lbs 11 oz (23%), 19.5 inches (53%)

2 months
9 lbs 0 oz (4%), 22.5 inches (34%)

4 months
12lbs 0 oz (9%), 24.5 inches (45%)

6 months
14lbs 0oz (9%), 25 inches (16%)

9 months
16lbs 2oz (6%), 26.25 inches (8%)

12 months
17lbs 0oz (3%), 27.75 inches (9%)

18 months
20lbs 0oz (3%), 31.5 inches (40%)

2 years
22lbs 6oz (4%), 33 inches (25%)

2.5 years
24lbs 3oz (5%), 34 inches (10%)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stephanie {Maternity Photographer}

I am always humbled by sessions like this. It isn't just another maternity session. I get to capture something much deeper than that. Like I texted Steph the night before she delivered, I tear up just thinking about how incredible our God is. Since this session, she delivered a healthy 7lb 15oz baby boy. Congrats, my friend! You look beautiful as always!

Thank you, B family for allowing me to be a part of this.

Baby EEEmma

Oh, I LOVE this sweet baby girl! Her mom and Michael went to college together, and I am so fortunate to call her my friend! We babysat Emma (or Baby EEEmma as Harper calls her) so I snapped a few pictures of her.

Don't you just want to bite into those cheeks?! She is so so precious, and I always jump on the chance to watch her just so I can snuggle this sweet baby!

Quality Cousin Time

My mother-in-law came into town for Labor Day weekend which meant Harper got some quality time with her Nana and her McKee cousins! She doesn't get to see them very often, so it's always fun when she gets to spend time with them. Harper is the youngest of all of them, so she eats up all that extra attention she gets. 
Watching movies in Harper's room
Harper and Ciarra. She insisted the clown nose was an eye patch.
On that Sunday we went out to the apple orchard for the annual Apple Butter festival. We have gone every year since Harper was born and have always had a great time.

Hailey, Harper, and Ciarra
Inspecting the apples
We very rarely have all 4 girls together, so we jumped on the chance to get some pictures. It was getting hot and nap time was over due, so we didn't get as many great ones as we were hoping for, but the ones I got turned out so cute! It is CRAZY how much Harper looks like them!
Hailey (7 years old)

 Reagan (5 years old)
 Ciarra (11 Years old)

I ADORE these girls. I wish could get together more often.

First Day of School 2012

Harper started her second year of preschool at the same place as last year on September 5th. Her teacher this year is Miss Lara (pronounced Lair-a). Not to be confused with her teacher from last year, Miss Lara (pronounced Lar-ah). It's probably a good thing she can't read or she would be all kinds of confused!

At open house
When we were on vacation, I let her pick out her new backpack and lunch box. Isn't her nap mat super cute?! I was a little worried about how well she would do with the freedom of using one, but she has napped every day at school so far!
First day of school! I can't believe how huge she looks compared to last year! 

We are both thankful to be back into our normal routine each week. Here's to a wonderful 2nd year of preschool!

It's the End of Summer as We Know It

Why do I continue to do this to myself? I get so far behind to the point it stresses me out to think of everything I need to catch up on! 

Summer Camp is over, and I have settled back into my normal day to day at work. Camp was a nice change of pace, but I am so thankful the stress of it all is over. One great thing about working where I do is I was able to take a lunch break swim with the cutest thing you've ever seen in a bikini.
Harper started gymnastics on August 22nd at a place here called Ready, Set, Go. We LOVE it! By the time she gets out of class, it's time to eat lunch so one of the days we went to IHOP for a post-gymnastics date. I swear, if she doesn't stop getting cuter every day, I may have to kiss her little face off!
She was quite amazed at the size of her pancake.
Harper's preschool didn't start back until the Tuesday after Labor Day, so we took advantage of Labor Day to spend some family time at our local amusement park Joyland. Charlie tagged along with us which gave Harper the perfect partner to ride all of the rides with.

How did your summer end?