Friday, October 28, 2011

My Baby Girl is TWO!

I still can't believe it's been TWO years since I first held my baby girl. What an incredibly surreal moment that I will never ever forget.

We had such a fun day today. We started it off by going to the Silly Science Carnival at the Science Spectrum.
Hiding in a tree
Those are some silly anchors!

After the Science Spectrum, we went to lunch with Amy and SJ and home for a nap while I did laundry.

We played for a while in her room when she woke up. (Thank you for the outfit, Grammy!)
She rode her Barbie trike outside for a while.
When Daddy got off work, we went to the Ranching Heritage Center for some trick or treating. There was a sweet lady who just came into the states from Japan. She was obsessed with Harper and kept taking her picture. So funny!

Michael kept telling Harper she had to take a picture in the hay because "that's what she's made of."

Just cute.
Have you ever seen a scarecrow ride a bull? No? Well, you're welcome.
We went to Texas Roadhouse for Harper's birthday dinner. Since she doesn't really have an opinion, we went to our favorite place. :)

Working hard on her picture
Steak with A-1. That's my girl!
She was being SO silly on the way home. Man, I love this kid.
You are one of the silliest little girls I have ever met. You love Barbie, Mickey Mouse, Olivia, and Elmo. You love to color on anything and everything (unfortunately). You are still pretty picky about what you eat, but you will eat almost anything if you have "dip dip." You love school and don't even care to tell me bye when I drop you off. It's bittersweet. Your best friend is Ju Ju (Juliana), and you talk about her all throughout the day. She calls you her baby sister. You are obsessed with shoes, and you frequently try to take your clothes off in public. Please don't continue to do this when you're 18. That's not an appropriate way to earn money.
You wear mostly 24 month or 2T clothes, size 5 shoe, size 4 diapers, and you weigh about 22 pounds. You talk SO much, and we are starting to understand you a lot more. Some of my favorite things you say are I love you, Yessssss, and Amen (when singing If You're Happy and you Know it).
You have blessed my life way more than you will ever know. You are the answer to so many prayers. I love you baby girl!

Fall Festival @ Preschool

Thursday was the Fall Festival at Harper's school. Our morning started off quite rough! We were already running late and my car wouldn't start. I'm guessing the drastic drop in temperature killed my battery. My sister had to come pick us up, and we got to school about 20 minutes late. It was freezing and raining so I was running into the building with Harper and all of her stuff. I slipped right by the door to the building, we both fell, and I completely dropped Harper. It was horrible! We are both fine, but it just scared the crap out of me. I was pretty sure I had broken my right pinky finger in the fall, but today it feels much better.
Anyway, on to the festival. Once we got there, it was great! :)

Cutest scarecrow I have ever seen! Thank you, Pinterest, for helping my imagination!
Each class went to each of the other classrooms, played games, and got candy.

Listening to Miss Beki's story.

Playing a game in one of the rooms
Miss Lara's cute little class!
Dr. SJ
Miss Lara's little girl, Paityn. Isn't she precious?! She and Harper love each other!
Harper had so much fun, and I am so thankful for her wonderful preschool!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Harper's 2nd Birthday Party

We had Harper's 2nd birthday party last Sunday at the Corn Maize. It was SO fun! We had about 45 people there to help us celebrate our sweet baby girl. We feel incredibly blessed to have every single person there. I know a lot of you were there in spirit!

Cute birthday banner

We had pizza for everyone, and Harper figured she needed to help SJ out.
Presents!! I LOVE how all of the kids were so interested in what she was opening. It cracked me up.
Harper got a giftcard from GG, and she figured she should get that baby in her pocket before it was stolen.
Cute owl cupcakes. Thank you, Pinterest!
Happy Birthday!!
Make a wish
Definitely enjoying that cupcake
All of Harper's friends on the cow train
Harper's sweet teacher, Lara, and her girls. I love them!
Finding the perfect pumpkin
I can't thank everyone enough for coming out to celebrate with us. I feel so honored and blessed to call all of you my friends, and thank you for loving my baby girl!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Lion King at the Drive-In!

Friday night, we headed out to the Drive-In to watch The Lion King. I LOVE this movie and was hoping Harper would too. She was too busy messin' (imagine that). We met our friends Alana, Jonathan, and Juliana out there.
Eating all of Daddy's popcorn
Her BFF, Juliana!
Sweet outfit!
Started out in the chairs
And moved into the Durango
We love the drive-in, and we love our friends!

iPhone Pictures

This is usually her wardrobe when we are at home. No wonder she strips in public.
Harper with her bff, Juliana at the gym
No caption necessary
Grammy with her two youngest babies after ballet class
Being a toot and running from me

Halloween Costumes

I LOVE Halloween. I love it even more now that I have a kid to dress up. :) This year I decided I was going to attempt to make a costume. Thanks to Pinterest, I found some CUTE ideas! The first one I tried out was this scarecrow. LOVE it.
The second costume I made for Harper was the Queen of Hearts. Oh my word! I think this one is my favorite! Now I just have to decide which costume she will wear for her school Fall Festival and which one for Halloween. Decisions, decisions.
I made this cute little witch costume for my friend's little girl!

I may have to make all of her costumes from now on. It was so much fun!