Thursday, October 27, 2011

Harper's 2nd Birthday Party

We had Harper's 2nd birthday party last Sunday at the Corn Maize. It was SO fun! We had about 45 people there to help us celebrate our sweet baby girl. We feel incredibly blessed to have every single person there. I know a lot of you were there in spirit!

Cute birthday banner

We had pizza for everyone, and Harper figured she needed to help SJ out.
Presents!! I LOVE how all of the kids were so interested in what she was opening. It cracked me up.
Harper got a giftcard from GG, and she figured she should get that baby in her pocket before it was stolen.
Cute owl cupcakes. Thank you, Pinterest!
Happy Birthday!!
Make a wish
Definitely enjoying that cupcake
All of Harper's friends on the cow train
Harper's sweet teacher, Lara, and her girls. I love them!
Finding the perfect pumpkin
I can't thank everyone enough for coming out to celebrate with us. I feel so honored and blessed to call all of you my friends, and thank you for loving my baby girl!

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