Friday, June 7, 2013

What NOT to say...

Just a list of things NOT to say to a woman who is struggling with infertility...

"Just stop trying so hard, and it will happen." (Umm. Okay. You kind of have to do certain things for "it" to happen)

"We weren't even trying! Oops!" (High five. In the face. With a chair)

"Everything happens for a reason." (Please tell me why I can't have a child yet a 13 year old can.)

"I don't want kids right now so if I do accidentally get pregnant, I'll just give it to you!" (Please don't reproduce.)

"I was on birth control then oops!" (Shut. Up.)

"Just be thankful you have Harper" (I'm so thankful, but don't make me feel guilty for wanting another child as if I don't think just having Harper is good enough.)

"I wasn't even sure I wanted another one." (Well, congratulations)

"So when are you going to have another baby?" (MOST of the time this comes from people who don't know better, but it sucks all the same.)

"Maybe it's not meant to be." (Wth?)

"It's probably because you're stressed out about it."

And stop with the advice. I've heard it all.