Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gage and Lyle {Children Photographer}

Oh, these boys! I LOVE them, and so does Harper. ;) Their mom and I work for the same company at different locations (most of the time). Love her...and love her boys!

Gage was NOT having it. It took a little convincing, but eventually the sucker won him over.
 Cute little Lyle

Seriously. Those are some cute babies!

Baby Daniel {Newborn Photographer}

Remember this sweet lady? Well, her family added a THIRD sweet baby boy to the mix. Isn't he precious?! He was awake during most of the session and didn't want to miss a thing!

With his sweet older brothers
 LOVE this!

So we will be scheduling a PINK newborn session in a few years, right?! ;)

Halloween Carnival

Harper had her Halloween Carnival at school today. Holy smokes, have you ever seen a cuter piñata?! Good thing no one beat her with a stick and stole her candy.
 Waiting with her little class to go trick or treating in each of the classrooms
 Harper and Sarah Jane
She got fed up with the hat pretty quickly, but the HOURS it took to make the costume was definitely worth it. :)
Man, I thought I took more pictures than this. Bummer. Good thing she gets to wear her costume again tomorrow!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Harper Reese Turns THREE!

Harper turned three today, and I can hardly believe it! We had her party out at the Corn Maize again this year, and Harper's three ring circus was a success!

The popcorn cupcakes were a huge hit. They should have been for the amount of time it took to decorate them!
 Added a little circus to her shoes too :)
 She said she need a hot dog on the way to her party. Who can tell this cute face "no?"

 Gracie and Bella
 Cute Brooklyn!
 Oh, baby Emma :)
 Bowman fam

 What a nut!

 Harper LOVES her friend Alexander!
 The cow train is definitely a must!
 Waiting patiently to ride a horse
 Such a big girl!

 Cousins on the cow train!
 Oh man, these kids are cute!
Thank you to each and every one of you who made her day special from near and far!

Camping at PK

Last weekend we went went camping at Possum Kingdom State Park. If you recall the last time we went camping, I was a little nervous about going again. I am thankful to say we had a BLAST! We drove in late on Friday night, and didn't get to camp until close to midnight. Thankfully we sent our tent with Papa, Grandma, and Alexa for them to set up. 
 We all woke up early the next morning, and Harper was SO excited to go fishing on Papa's boat. She had been talking about it for WEEKS.
 The second night we all slept a little better, and thankful to some Tylenol PM, I was able to sleep through the snoring competitions between Michael and his dad.
 My view in our tent.
 Papa and Alexa's catch the last day we were there. That live well apparently doesn't work very well!
 Thankful for her portable potty!
 On the drive home we were all completely exhausted!
We had such a fun time and can't wait to go back!