Saturday, December 22, 2012

Malachi {Newborn Photographer}

This sweet boy spent a few weeks in the NICU and had only been home for 2 weeks when I met him. I fell in love. He is SO sweet and precious.

Ferin, thank you so much for allowing me to capture these pictures of your sweet baby!

Patterson's {Family Photographer}

I just love this family! Anna started coming to the gym and bringing her sweet kids into the childcare while she worked out. Harper LOVES playing with Olivia. I am so thankful we have gotten to know each other, Anna!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Pierce's {Family Photographer}

I have worked with Leah for about 2 years now, and I just love her. She's one of those people who you just want to be around.

Love you and your sweet family!

Skylar {Newborn Photographer}

On November 3, 2012 at 12:54pm, 7 lbs 12 oz of pure sweetness was born!

In her Rockabutt gear! Check out her website. CUTE stuff!!

I have the privilege of holding this sweet baby almost every day at work. I love her!

MAJOR Photo Dump!

Since I apparently can't seem to stay on top of this, bare with me as I play catch up! 

Harper takes gymnastics at Ready, Set, Go and the week of Halloween, they got to come in their costumes. I highly doubt she could tumble in her piñata costume, so we went with her cheerleader outfit.

 She received an award for her seat jumps on the trampoline!

 Miss Amanda with her little class
 After class, we went to lunch with Nana and cousin Reagan!
 My company puts on a pretty sweet gig for Halloween called the Safe Zone where families can come for free to a fun and safe environment for games, candy, and a haunted house! I was a clown....obviously.

 Baby Emma came too!
 Kids Club peeps :)
 We checked out the new Garden Ridge in town. Harper made herself comfortable.
 Harper picked out a Dora Jeep with her Birthday money and gift cards!
 A group of us girls went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 for our friend Melissa's birthday. Bloody Margaritas with vampire teeth? Yes, please!
 On Thanksgiving, we took Harper to see Rise of the Guardians. Cute movie!
 Then we had a late lunch at Papa and Grandma's house and went for some rides on the 4 wheeler.

 I convinced Alexa (Michael's little sis) to go Black Friday shopping with me.
 Harper helped Daddy with the Christmas decorations at our house.
 My sister and family moved houses at the end of November. Harper and Charlie were breaking in the indoor pool.
 From the Friday after Thanksgiving through New Years, our company has a kiosk at the mall. On the weekends, some of us Kids Club peeps face paint there. Fun times!
 I don't even know....
 I have been finding Harper asleep in some off places when I check on her at night before I go to bed.
 Being the only child, Harper has to resort to convincing Maggie to play "house" with her. She doesn't seem to mind. ;)
 Nana came and we celebrated Christmas with her!
 Maggie watched....

On December 13th, Harper had her last day of PDO before the Christmas break which also meant the Christmas Party! 

Santa came to visit at her school too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the different a year makes.
 Then there was one time I got pink eye. In both eyes. Gross.
 Michael had to go to Austin for a few days for work, so Harper and I did some fun things like a carriage ride!
 Baby Emma turned ONE!!!!
 Harper took a nap at Mimi's
 I held this sweet baby Skylar.
 Harper had her last day at RSG before the Christmas break.

 I found her asleep on behind the door of her room the other night.
 Tonight Michael wasn't feeling well so we picked up Alexa for some Christmas fun! First, we went for a carriage ride in Kingsgate Shopping Center.

 We picked up some dinner and headed to the other side of town to Santa Land!

 Bubble Guppies!
 And again with the sleeping on the floor....
And now we are caught up!