Sunday, January 4, 2009

here goes the picture overload. i flew into austin on dec. 20, stayed in bastrop at my sister's house for the majority of the time and flew back on jan. 2nd. here is my vacation in review....

i went with my sister's fam to meet santa.
jordyn and i set up a beauty shop.
michael and i went ice skating in austin on our anniversary.
we ate here for our anniversary dinner.
we celebrated christmas with a meal at my sister's house. then this crazy kid showed up on the 27th.
riley opening her very first cabbage patch baby from aunt mel and uncle michael.
kisses for the baby.

cousin bathtime.
attempting a picture for the acu today.

cousin picture at the park. (the other crazy kid with the fluffy hair arrived on dec. 28th)
my exact thoughts about grammy as well.
brother-in-law bonding at the time. (jason and andy)
andy, amy, april, and jason on the see-saw.
now do you see the fluffy hair?
we ended with a group picture of the girls, the husbands and the kids.