Wednesday, August 8, 2012

5th Annual Cousin Camp 2012

Last year I updated every day during Cousin Camp. This time, I got a little lazy. So here goes the picture vomit. 

I was very thankful Harper stopped throwing up (from rotovirus) so we could leave for Cousin Camp at the time we had planned. My sister Amy and I loaded up the kids and the car, got all 3 dvd players on and ready, and started on our 8 hour trip to Grammy's house in La Grange. 

We drove through Abilene to stop at the campus store right around lunch time. My good friend Kendall met us on campus with her little boy Ryder. As you can tell, they love each other. ;)
Sweet Vicki also met us for lunch! We haven't seen her in a LONG time. My twin sisters and I all worked with Vicki on campus in the Sociology/Social Work department throughout our time at ACU. It was SO good to see her! 
You can't visit campus without checking out the GATA fountain.
The next day, Friday the 13th, happened to be my sister Misti's 40th birthday! We needed to go shopping for a birthday cake!
Dinner that night was at Murphy's Steakhouse. If you live in that area, check it out! SO good!
 Misti with all of the kids

 Misti's family
Oh, Landon. I love this kid! He needed to try on the Depends Misti received as a 40th birthday present.
Jordyn and Riley
I am not really sure how I missed pictures between La Grange and Galveston, but we made it to the beach on Monday, the 16th. Last year we stayed in a beach house about 45 minutes from Galveston in Sea Isle. Though it was quiet, and the beach was nice, being that far from the grocery store was a little much. This year we stayed at Pirates' Beach which was only about 5 minutes from the seawall. We LOVED it! Unfortunately, the seaweed and mosquitoes loved it too. : / Harper was TERRIFIED of the "yucky grass."

Cute little babies with some necessary kite flying

Since the beach was infested with seaweed, we planned a trip to Palm Beach @ Moody Gardens. It was PERFECT!

Headed back to the beach house
We all rested a little, got dressed, and headed back down to the beach for pictures.

 After enduring all of the picture taking, the kids earned some frozen yogurt.
 Some of the beach pictures

 Grammy with all of her babies!


 Movie night at the beach house
The last full day, we went and ate by the pier at Fish Tales.
 We took in the scenery at Murdocks then went on a duck tour.

Michael had planned on meeting us for the weekend in La Grange, but his truck was in the shop. Instead, as soon as we got back to La Grange from Galveston, Harper and I drove to San Antonio. We got there just in time to go down to the Riverwalk and roam around downtown a little. We were so happy to see Daddy and Maggie!
Harper's first time at the Alamo.
The next day was supposed to be ridiculously hot, so instead of going to the zoo or Sea World, we went to Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. It. was. AWESOME!

Harper feeding a wildebeest. No big deal.
This dude was hungry!

We didn't go into the caverns, but taking a picture with these dinosaurs was a necessity.

On the way back to the hotel, we took flowers to my Daddy at Fort Sam Houston National Cematary.
We took a much needed nap, went back to the riverwalk for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, then dessert at Amy's Ice Cream.
The next day, I drove to Austin to meet my sister to drive back to Lubbock. Harper decided to stay with Grammy for the next week, then went to my sister Misti's for the week after that.

I brought Maggie back home with me (she was with Michael in the hotel in SA while we were in Galveston). Max was VERY happy to have his bff back.
I, on the other hand, missed my sweet girl. We skyped or facetimed every day. It was a quiet 2 weeks without her!

Michael's last day of training was August 3rd, so he drove to my sister's house that evening, spent the night, then he and Harper drove back to Lubbock.

I was SO happy to rock this girl to sleep that night!
Vacation was wonderful, and every year I look forward to the next Cousin Camp. If you lasted all the way through this post, congratulations!