Thursday, January 15, 2015

Playing Catch Up

Last time I wrote, I had just had my second ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. I went back on 9-17, and Baby McKee no longer looked like a blob but a baby! Sweet thing was jumping like a little rabbit in there. 

14.5 week belly!

 In October, we went to ACU for my 10 year college reunion. We had a GREAT weekend and saw so many people I hadn't seen in a while. Harper had a great time too and thought she was big time. :)

 On October 28th, my Harper girl turned 5 years old. She had a little Frozen party with a few friends and cousins.

 We had a home football game on Halloween, so we trick or treated at a couple of houses then headed to the football game.

 I took Harper to her first Texas Tech football game in November. She was SO pumped up but didn't even last through the first quarter and wanted to leave. I didn't argue. :)

19 week belly!
 On November 5th, we went in for our gender ultrasound. The anticipation was killing me!
What will it be?!

A Girl!!!! Meet Miss Sutton Paige.

22 week belly!

We were able to go to La Grange for Thanksgiving this year. It had been at least 6 years since we have been able to go for Thanksgiving due to work and busy schedules. I am SO thankful we went! We had a great time and got to enjoy my sister's new house they built right by my mom's house.

We finally got to meet baby Olivia which, I'm pretty sure, was the highlight of Harper's day.

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to Lights of Tejas since it was officially Christmas time. So fun!

Harper and I went to visit Santa at Santa's Land in Tahoka to deliver her letter to him, and she "helped" me put the christmas tree up.

I got the stinking flu a week before Christmas break. It was completely miserable, and it made it a million times worse being pregnant.

I felt okay enough to make it to Harper's Christmas party at school.

Friday, the last day before break, was a half day. When I picked Harper up from school, she had a fever. :( She ended up having the flu as well. The next week was full of tending to her horribly high fever. It was over 105 a couple of times which just made her feel horrible.

26 week belly!

Michael and I celebrated our 8th anniversary, and by "celebrated," I mean, we stayed at home with a sick kid. :)

Harper had a couple of moments of feeling "okay" so we made cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve and sprinkled reindeer food on the lawn. We were supposed to have Christmas with Nana, but Harper was still running a fever and having horrible nose bleeds.

Santa came!

My sister Amy and I made Christmas dinner at her house, and my in-laws joined us. It was laid back, and we had a great time! Harper still wasn't feel 100%, but I think it helped to get out of the house for a little bit.

The next day Amy and I and the kids headed to La Grange for Christmas with my mom and sisters. After stopping a million times to use the potty, we finally made it!

Grady was an honorary cousin and hung out with us a couple of times while we were there. :)

We went to San Antonio to visit my dad's grave, visit my grandma, and hang out at the river walk.

On New Years Eve, we went to Bellville to visit this awesome castle! A man named Mike Newman built his house as a castle and does tours. It was SO fun, and the kids had a blast.

We got to squeeze baby Olivia again. :)

Last week I had my glucose test. I failed. This past Monday I had the 3 hour glucose tolerance test and failed miserably. No wonder I have been feeling so horrible during this pregnancy! Yesterday, I saw a maternal-fetal doctor and dietitian to try and get this figured out. So far the diet isn't horrible, but my blood sugar remains high even though I have cut out almost all sugars. I'm having to take it easy since my blood pressure spikes when my blood sugar does.

This past weekend I was able to work on the girl's room! I got the crib together and made some decorations for the walls.

29 week belly!

One good thing about seeing a high-risk doctor is having more ultrasounds. I saw this sweet baby's face! She is measuring pretty big at almost 4lbs!

We are looking at about 8 1/2 more weeks until we get to see this sweet baby in person! This pregnancy has gone by so fast, and I am so thankful because it has definitely had its ups and downs.