Saturday, September 27, 2008

Plans for a 2nd Honeymoon

If you have followed my blog for a while (actually my old blog), you know that our honeymoon was just short of a disaster. Ok, that may be exaggerating just a little big. The main points to that story were: about to leave Lubbock to head to Galveston for our honeymoon and car won't start. Get it towed to the shop. Rent a car. Spend a lot of our extra money on that. Get to Galveston. Find out the crew is a bunch of morons. Leave the port 12 hours late. Storms every day at sea. More drama happens but I will spare you. Get back to Lubbock. Pick up my car from the shop. Go to visit Charlie. Head back to the apartment and get in a wreck. And the story goes on.....

Anywho...since that was our oh-so-exciting honeymoon, we have decided to plan somewhat of a second honeymoon during Thanksgiving break. We are heading to Ruidoso, NM and staying in an awesome cabin! Two of our friends are going to meet us up there the weekend after Thanksgiving to hang out. I absolutely cannot wait!

Here are some pictures of the awesome cabin! It is loaded with everything we need....flat screen HD TVs, Direct TV, DVD player and a hot tub!

PS....In case you care, we got 45ed in the first half again last night. Awesome.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The joys of Mustang 6-Man Football

Here is the progress (or not so much) of our football season thus far.....

Last Friday night, we start the game with 8 players. We have our kick off guys on the field. #7 kicks the ball....#2 trips over his own feet....he is down on the field. Crap. He is carried off the field. Mom and dad come down. Dad says a few choice words to Coach S. Dad is thrown out of the game and all athletic functions for the rest of the year. #2 is taken off on a stretcher....heads to the hospital. We are down to 7 players. In the 4th quarter, #4 twists his ankle....down to 6 players. We finish the game alive.

Fast forward to tonight's game....

We start the game off with 7 players. In the beginning of the 2nd quarter, #14 is the ball carrier and gets laid out by the defense (and I mean OUT)....down on the field. He is taken off on a stretcher and heads to the hospital. We are down to 6 players (in the 2ND quarter!). Now the score is something like 34-0 (umm...not in our favor). A couple of plays later, #8 goes down for a second but gets back up. He still has to sit out a play since he delayed the game. We have 5 players on the field. A-holes throw a "hail mary" for another touchdown. Are you kidding me? We are down to 5 players on the field. You are up by 34....and you run a crap play like that?? Coach S kicks the ball halfway across the field. 15 yard penalty against the Mustangs for unsportsmanlike conduct. Awesome. Way to go coach. Other team intercepts....touchdown. And that's the ball game. We got 45ed in the 1st half. Sad, sad day.

This is my life now. Jealous?