Thursday, September 20, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Harper started her second year of preschool at the same place as last year on September 5th. Her teacher this year is Miss Lara (pronounced Lair-a). Not to be confused with her teacher from last year, Miss Lara (pronounced Lar-ah). It's probably a good thing she can't read or she would be all kinds of confused!

At open house
When we were on vacation, I let her pick out her new backpack and lunch box. Isn't her nap mat super cute?! I was a little worried about how well she would do with the freedom of using one, but she has napped every day at school so far!
First day of school! I can't believe how huge she looks compared to last year! 

We are both thankful to be back into our normal routine each week. Here's to a wonderful 2nd year of preschool!

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