Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's the End of Summer as We Know It

Why do I continue to do this to myself? I get so far behind to the point it stresses me out to think of everything I need to catch up on! 

Summer Camp is over, and I have settled back into my normal day to day at work. Camp was a nice change of pace, but I am so thankful the stress of it all is over. One great thing about working where I do is I was able to take a lunch break swim with the cutest thing you've ever seen in a bikini.
Harper started gymnastics on August 22nd at a place here called Ready, Set, Go. We LOVE it! By the time she gets out of class, it's time to eat lunch so one of the days we went to IHOP for a post-gymnastics date. I swear, if she doesn't stop getting cuter every day, I may have to kiss her little face off!
She was quite amazed at the size of her pancake.
Harper's preschool didn't start back until the Tuesday after Labor Day, so we took advantage of Labor Day to spend some family time at our local amusement park Joyland. Charlie tagged along with us which gave Harper the perfect partner to ride all of the rides with.

How did your summer end?

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