Monday, May 14, 2012


Have I mentioned how much I love the company I work for? I have never worked for a company who's owner cares as much as our's does about his staff. He invited all of the Kids Club staff to stay at his cabin in Ruidoso, NM for a few days at the end of April. It was just the break that we all needed. We love our job, but it's so nice to take a few days off once in a while. Thank you to the staff who opted out of the vacation and stayed to work in the Kids Clubs while we were gone. Thirteen of us girls met up at the cabin late on Thursday.

Incredible cabin, right?
 Friday we headed to Midtown. We shopped, did a wine tasting, ate at Cafe Rio (Oh.My.Word. Yum!), and did a little grocery shopping.
Wine tasting!
Barbara, Kinsey, Lacey, and Taylor at Cafe Rio
 Me, Rheanna, Amy, and Alyssa at Cafe Rio
 Taking a break after eating too much
When we got back to the cabin, I roasted some HUGE marshmallows.
 Saturday, we went to the flea market, rode some go karts, and lost some money at the casino.
Barbara, Kinsey, Lacey, Amy, Me, and Alyssa
 Rheanna, Alyssa, and Me
 Sunday, we all got packed up, cleaned the house, and headed back to Lubbock. Our car (Lacey, Taylor, Kinsey, Alyssa, and Me) stopped in Roswell at the UFO Museum. That's some freaky stuff! My dad would always tell me how he believed in aliens, and I used to laugh at him. Now I'm not so sure!
If I came across this thing, I would hide the evidence too!
 We had an awesome weekend! Thank you so much to the Nelson's for allowing us to stay in your amazing cabin!

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Ronni said...

I've been to the UFO Museum before! Kyle and I thought it was going to be awesome and fun, but it was actually one of the worst museums I've ever seen ha ha! It felt like people just bought frames for strange pictures at Michael's and hung them on the wall and then called then "alien proof"! :)

When we went (I wanna say in 2008?) they had this weird horse statue in the middle of the place covered with newspaper - did they still have that when you went?