Monday, February 27, 2012

BIG Changes

I am so very proud of my husband. I always have been. He served 6 years in the USAF, graduated from TTU, and started a career as the GIS Coordinator for Lubbock Emergency Communication District (Lubbock County 9-1-1). Today, I am even more proud of him. He accepted a position with an oil company out of Midland and will be starting March 4th. We are both excited and nervous. Change always brings those fears of "what if," but we are trusting God that this is where he needs to be right now. He will be in training for a couple of weeks then will go out into the field. There are a lot of unknowns right now, but as of now, we are staying put in Lubbock. I will continue to work with the company I am with, and Harper will stay in her PDO program twice a week.

With this new career, comes some changes with our TTC journey. I just ended my 5th round of the clomid/metformin combination. The hpt was negative. I thought I would be completely disappointed, but I have come to the point where I am content with just Harper right now. We definitely want more kids, but with all of these changes happening, I know God has a plan. I believe that more than ever right now. I met with my Dr last month, and we discussed that if I didn't get pregnant this 5th round, he wanted me to have an HSG, and Michael would have to have a test as well. I was very apprehensive about all of it. With this new career change, medical benefits for family members don't start until after 90 days from the first day of work. So for now, we are on a break. I am at peace with this and feel a sense of relief. TTC is so stressful.

If you have a chance, please keep our family in your prayers.

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