Tuesday, January 10, 2012

30th Birthday

On January 7th at 9:52am, I was officially 30 years old. When did I get so old?! It literally seems like high school was just a couple of years ago...not 12. I had a great day. Michael let me sleep in while he got up with Harper. We had lunch at Fuzzy's then came home for a nap. What? Don't judge me. My sister planned a surprise dinner for me at Triple J Steakhouse. It ended up being my sister and her husband, my mom, and my best friend Gerianne. We had a great time and ended the night early...because I'm old. :)

Michael and I at the restaurant
My sister Amy and my mom

Amy and Andy
Thank y'all so much for making my birthday so special!

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~she~ said...

I'm older than you so you won't get any sympathy here. I struggled with turning 30 but the few years after that seem to go much easier. I just hit the midway mark and am not looking forward to being on the road to 40.

Happy Birthday! Glad you had a nice (and relaxing) day!