Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well, this cycle was a complete let down. I was confident this cycle was going to work. I ovulated when I was supposed to and started counting down the days. I'm super impatient, so those 14 days are pretty long. On 1/22, I was supposed to start so I decided to take a test...or two. They both revealed a very faint positive result. I was pretty excited because I didn't think false positives were possible. Apparently they are with tests that use blue dye. I tested again Monday morning and this morning, both negative (red dye).
So obviously I'm disappointed...and sad...and mad.
I'm praying this doesn't happen again. I'd rather get a million negative results than one more false positive. This sucks.

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Stacia Hamidi said...

i didn't know you could get false positives either -- so not a fan of blue dye tests now since they got your hopes up! Saying a prayer for happy, fertile eggs next month and for time to pass quickly when you wait!