Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh, Harper Reese

We drove back to Lubbock on New Years Eve instead of waiting until the 2nd like we had planned because I didn't feel very well. I got worse the closer we got to Lubbock, so Michael dropped me off at the urgent care clinic as soon as we got back into town. This was exactly how I wanted to spend my NYE! There was a really cute, young medical tech taking my blood pressure. He asked when my last cycle was, and I said December 21st. He said, "Oh, awesome! That's my birthday!!" Well, super. That conversation wasn't awkward at all. How do you recover from that? I ended up testing positive for strep, and they gave me a shot of rocephin in addition to the prescription for amoxicillon. The shot made me throw up and almost pass out, so they had to walk me to my car. Not embarrassing at all.

Harper was very excited to be back at our house so she could play with all of her cool, new presents. Watching Michael play with Harper makes me fall in love with him all over again.

Harper's preschool teacher sent this picture to me last Thursday. She got sent to the "office" today for doing it again. WHAT am I going to do with her?! Seriously.
The weather was so nice last week that we were actual able to take advantage of it.She looks cute and innocent, but.....
Harper is such a mess. Good thing she's cute. :)

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~she~ said...

Laughed out loud about the diaperless picture! My kids totally went through that! Wearing a onesie that has difficult snaps sometimes helps. Some kids pull those right off too. Good luck! This too shall pass!