Monday, September 26, 2011

South Plains Fair

Michael took the day off so we could go to the fair. It's free parking and entry before noon, so we couldn't pass that up! Who could pass up the awesome fair food anyway?!

There were camel and pony rides, but I do believe stinky would have freaked.

Right as we got to the petting zoo, they were starting the cow milking presentation!

Daddy and Harper

Sweet SJ!
Squirting the milk.
Hooked up
"You seriously want me to touch this goat?"

Whining while we waited for lunch
Asleep within a couple of minutes
In other news.....I love Pinterest. I may or may not be addicted. It's hard to tell. I found the CUTEST Halloween costumes on there! They were SO easy to make! I LOVE how they turned out!

Queen of Hearts

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