Thursday, September 29, 2011

23 Months!

To my sweet Harper Reese,

You are 23 months old! I feel like you are growing up way too fast these days. Every day you learn a new word, and you are starting to put words together. This past month you started preschool, and you are finally getting to the point where you don't cry when I drop you off! You love your teacher Mrs. Lara. She loves you like her own, and I am so thankful for that. It makes me not have to worry so much while you are at school.

We have started going to church on Wednesday nights at the same church where you go to preschool. You seem to really love it. Tonight, your teacher informed me you said the word "bible." That makes my heart happy. You also love to "read" your little bible at home and point to baby Jesus and say His name.

You have started to randomly sing songs. This started once you were going to preschool. I love it! I have NO idea what you are singing, but it's still cute. You recently made an apple book at school and constantly talk about apples all of the time. It cracks me up. One day you brought an apple home and acted like it was your best friend. You even slept with it! Silly baby.

We are quickly approaching your 2nd birthday, and I have so many mixed emotions. I LOVE watching you grow and learn, but in the same breath, I don't want you to grow up! You will always be my baby no matter what. I still remember the exact moment I saw your sweet face. It was the most unfathomable, surreal moment. You let out the sweetest little cry, and I couldn't believe you were mine. Forever. Why did God trust me with such a precious gift? I may never know.

There are a lot of things happening in your last month as a 1 year old! You start tumbling class tomorrow and ballet on Friday. I'm pretty sure it will be the cutest sight I have ever seen. In a few weeks, you and I will be going to homecoming at ACU! You will get to meet some more of mommy's friends and some potential college roommates. :) The week after homecoming is your birthday party! You are one lucky little girl to have so many people love you. How couldn't they? You are a pretty cute kid. The Friday after your party, you will officially be 2 years old at 8:04 am on October 28th.

You are the answer to so many prayers and my miracle baby. I hope you grow up knowing how much your daddy and I love you. I promise you there will never be a day when I don't tell you "I love you."
Happy 23 months, sweet girl.

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a sweet tribute to a special girl!