Friday, September 30, 2011

First Ballet Class

Harper had her first ballet class today! It's a mommy and me class with the Lubbock Parks & Rec. She was hungry and tired which made for a really fun time. :)

On the way
There was a lot of this.....along with whining and crying.
Slowly starting to warm up when the class was almost over

VERY excited Miss Abby gave her a sticker after class

Harper with her teacher Miss Abby
Sarah Jane, Corley, and Harper
TTC Update:
CD 20: Started 200mg of Progesterone/day 9/27/11

The progesterone has started to make me feel pretty sick with vomiting and hot flashes. It isn't pretty but necessary. My progesterone level is too low and doesn't rise normally on it's own like it is supposed to after conception which may have been the cause for my miscarriage in 2007. I started this same dosage with every cycle of clomid before I conceived Harper. The exciting news is if the egg was released and fertilized, implantation should occur 10/03/11 and can start testing on 10/07/11.

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