Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Ovaries are Lame.

One of the downsides to taking clomid is it causes my ovaries to hurt. BAD! In addition to them being covered in cysts, they swell and cause a constant pain in my abdomen until the egg is released. It lasted two days. It was horrible! I forgot about this part! It's kind of like forgetting how miserably sick and tired I was throughout my entire pregnancy.

Here are some of Harper's latest pictures. Friday morning we met some friends at the park for a play date!

Seriously, I love this kid.

TTC Update (Based on 30 day cycle):
CD 15: Positive Ovulation 9/24/11
CD 28: 50+% Positive Urine hCG 10/07/11
CD 29: Expected next period 10/08/11
CD 31: 95+% Positive Urine hCG 10/10/11

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~she~ said...

Love the black & white shots!