Sunday, July 24, 2011

Swimming and Saving!

We got home really late from the drive-in last night. I didn't go to bed until close to 3am which resulted in everyone sleeping in this morning! I woke Harper up at 11:45. That's just crazy! Charlie came over this afternoon to hang out and swim.

Harper being crazy before getting in the pool
We forgot Charlie's life jacket in the apartment and didn't feel like walking back to get it. He didn't want the arm floaties. He wanted the "pink one."
Ever since I got back from vacation, I have been craving seafood, so I did a shrimp boil for Michael and I. It was entirely too much food, but it was awesome! I used a different recipe than we used on vacation, and I think it tasted a lot better this time around.

I got an email today from Once Upon a Child that their clearance items were marked down to $1! If you know me, you know I love a good deal. I have always been a bargain shopper. I shop the sales at the end of each season for the next year. It works out really well for us!

I got these dresses all for $1 each!

Gap hooded dress (new with tags)
Old Navy
House of Hatten smocked dress (new with tags)
Old Navy
Tommy Hilfiger
Children's Place, Old Navy, Gymboree, Old Navy
My favorite stores to shop the end of season sales are Old Navy and Target!

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