Sunday, July 24, 2011

Family Movie Night at the Drive-In

We LOVE the drive-in! If you have young kids, it's the perfect family date. Kids 5 and under get in free, and all other tickets are $6 each for a double feature. Tonight we watched Captain America (which was AWESOME!) with Transformers showing after but didn't stay to watch the second one. Michael had already seen it, and it was almost midnight before the first movie was over. That's the only con to bringing your young kids. Once the time changes in the spring, the movies start later. Harper usually falls asleep pretty quickly after the movie starts but not tonight! I guess she liked Captain America too! She stayed awake the entire movie!

Sporting her Captain America shirt
Inside the 50's Cafe
Playing before the movie started
Just before she dumped ice all over the back seat
Our setup! It was SO nice once the sun set!

And just for your viewing pleasure....The people of the drive-in! If you can't quite make out his outfit, we have a button-down shirt, athletic shorts, knee-high black socks, and black tennis shoes. That's hot.

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