Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I love Tuesdays!

Well, let me rephrase that. Sometimes I love Tuesdays. I worked this morning which went well like it normally does. Harper was pretty whiny, but she just has those days sometimes. We got home a little before noon, and she usually takes a nap before eating lunch. We have tried to do lunch first, but she's always too tired to eat! She went down fine but started crying really hard about 15 minutes later. I took her some milk, and she threw it on the floor and started crying hysterically. Oh boy. I tried picking her up, but she went limp and was SCREAMING by this point. I had to walk out of the room. (Come on, moms...you know what I mean!) The screaming lasted over an hour. Honestly, I was REALLY frustrated at this point. I didn't know what to do. My sister needed to go to the grocery store, so I went to her house for Harper to hopefully calm down and play with her cousins a little, and Amy could go to the store. It definitely helped!

Harper and Sarah Jane having some juice
Playing doctor
Charlie spinning Harper around in the office chair
This is what happens when mean boys throw handfuls of dirt on babies.
The part I LOVE about Tuesdays is Girls Night Out! It was Marisa's birthday yesterday, so it was her choice of where we went tonight. We were all meeting at On the Border at 8pm. Well, Amy, Barbara, and myself were there...waiting...on Marisa. She wasn't answering our texts, and we started to really worry! She finally called and said she felt really sick and had fallen asleep. What?! You can't NOT show up to your own party! Well, she ended up coming....at 9:45! Lame. :)

Amy, Barbara, and I waiting on Marisa to show up
I got Marisa a bunch of fun toys including silly string, a recorder, bubbles, a kaleidoscope, and some fun things that grow in water!
Marisa and Amy
We are really had at taking pictures of ourselves. This was about the 28th attempt. Okay, more like the 3rd.

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