Monday, July 18, 2011

Cousin Camp Day Eight: HOME!

Amy and I plus our kids left my mom's house in La Grange a little after 10 this morning. I HATE goodbyes. It's always so hard to leave my family.

The babies passed out pretty quickly.

Charlie watching his movie
On our way through Austin, we decided to stop at the outlets in Round Rock. I stop there just about every time I drive through just to go to the Converse outlet. I LOVE that store! I may or may not have gotten Harper two more pairs....which would make her total 8, I think. Yikes.

The kids riding the school bus at the outlets

I think going to the beach this week has increased Harper's obsession with water. She was completely mesmerized by this fountain.

We spent way more time at the outlets than we had planned so we got back on the road late. We were doing great until we were about 30 miles outside of Sweetwater. SJ was crying really hard and all of the sudden, she puked EVERYWHERE. We pulled over and had to clean her up. We still had over two hours of driving left and enjoyed the nice smell all the way home. EEk.

This is random, but I gave SJ some bread, and she kept putting it between her toes. Crazy baby!

As soon as we pulled up to my house, Michael was outside waiting. Harper was SO excited to see her daddy! Even though it's hard to leave my family, it's SO nice to be home with my husband and lay in my own bed!

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