Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm a Big Kid Now!

Harper in her first pull-up! No we are not potty training. I am simply trying to find a freakin' diaper that won't leak overnight! I have tried multiple brands and even tried going up a size. She would still wake up in the morning completely soaked. I'm not talking about a little wet spot. I mean...she wakes up and both her bottoms, most of her top, and her sheet are drenched in pee. It gets pretty irritating to have to change her sheet all. the. time. So tonight we will see if the overnight pull-up will do the job.

She does look pretty cute in her princess pull-up, though! (I'm actually VERY surprised it actually fit her tiny hiney!)
Did any of you have this problem? What worked for you? (I do realize potty training would do the trick, but she is sooooo not even close to being ready for that.)

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