Saturday, June 18, 2011

To my Dad on Father's Day....

The same thing happened on Father's Day last year....I started to panic the day before Father's Day because I had forgotten to mail a card to my dad. Then reality sets in, and I lose it. I miss my dad. 28 years with him wasn't long enough. I hope Harper will grow up to know my dad and the wonderful Granddaddy he was to her.

1982: Me and Dad

1999: LHS volleyball senior parents' night
2003: ACU homecoming court
2004: ACU graduation dinner
2006: my wedding day
2009: Harper's first time to be held by her Granddaddy
2009: Harper's first Christmas and snuggling with her Granddaddy
2009: Harper and Granddaddy

2009: Our last Christmas with him
2011: Dad's birthday
So to my dad on Father's Day....I love you and miss you.

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Amy B. said...

Why you gotta make me cry?