Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pleated T-Shirt Dress

This weekend, I whipped up an easy, breezy dress for Harper. I used this tutorial, and it was SO easy to follow and make. Overall, it probably took a couple of hours to make, but it definitely could have taken less time if I had tried. The most time consuming part I ran into was adjusting the size of the pleats to the width of the t-shirt. It took me a good 10 tries to get it right! Even then, they were still a little off. This will most definitely not be the only one of these I make!

Front of the dress. I added a detachable fabric flower on the waist.

This was the night before she wore it to church. It looked much better with her hair brushed. :)
I love it because in the fall/winter, I could just add some leggings or even a pair of jeans. This is my favorite creation so far!

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