Saturday, April 30, 2011

National Ranching Heritage Center

I was supposed to work most of the day, but I ended up having a longer break between shifts. There were a lot of events going on around town, but we decided to stop by the Kids' Fun Fair at the Science Spectrum, dropped by the Petsmart adoption event, ate at Spanky's, and then made a final stop at the Texas Tech National Ranching Heritage Center for Ranch Day! They had a ton of fun activities for the kids. Harper was too little for most of it, but she did come home with a pretty sweet stick horse. I also got some really good pictures!

Eating at Spanky's

Harper and Daddy on the caboose of the train
Harper on the engine
She was a bit too little for the real horse rides. :)
Daddy threw her in the hay. She wasn't impressed.
I absolutely LOVE this one.
She came up with her own poses. What a nut.

Daddy took this while I made her stick horse. Then she ripped the horse's eyes off. Sad day.

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