Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Purple Wall

Harper had been having some pooping issues (surprise, surprise) the past couple of days, and she decided to pair that with a fever yesterday. We stayed home today just to make sure she was okay. She hadn't had any dirty diapers all morning, so we headed out to the store since we were out of milk. I usually have my camera with me, so we stopped by a purple wall that was all the way downtown on the way. :)

She looks so sweet in these pictures that I almost (...almost) forgot about her "terrible two's" moments she had today. I don't know WHERE she gets her stubbornness from.

This sweet baby will be 18 months old tomorrow. What in the world?! (tear)


Amy B. said...

I don't appreciate all these lies that you tell about my precious baby. She's always been nothing but perfect for me.

April L. said...

I think she'll probably be a real stinker until she turns 3 and can communicate well and develops some logical reasoning. Some kids are worse at 3, but I think Harper will be better since she started the terrible two's early like Riley.