Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

We had ONE busy day, therefore, a million pictures in this post. We got Harper out of bed this morning to show her what the Easter Bunny left for her.

Oh no! She's sad....
Just kidding! She LOVED all of it, especially the sidewalk chalk. She carried it around for a while like a purse.
Max said he wanted to be a pink bunny too.
We went to church, and she looked pretty cute in her Easter outfit.
Every year, Bodyworks has an Easter egg hunt open to the public. We decided to go to the 4th Street location (as opposed to the 82nd Street location). One: because this is the one I work at, and two: I figured it would be less crowded. Holy smokes. I do believe this is the most people we have EVER had in this gym at one time! It was insane!

This wasn't even all of them!
Getting pretty pumped up for her turn!
And she's off!

She was trying REALLY hard to move this 25 lb ball. Ha ha!
After the gym, we went home to change and headed to my friend Rachel's house for another Easter egg hunt.
We forgot her basket, so she used Lucy's basket from her play kitchen. :)

When we got home, we decided to break out the sidewalk chalk.

Obviously, we had a wonderful Easter with friends and family. We are all exhausted! Harper was in bed at 6pm tonight, and I am not too far behind her.

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April L. said...

So glad you had a great Easter. Harper is so precious!