Thursday, May 26, 2011

I need some advice...

I have debated on whether or not to share this, but I really could use the support of my friends out there! As some of you know, I have had back problems since my junior year in high school. When I was 17, I had an MRI which revealed 3 herniated disks. Since then, I have had multiple injections to try and ease the pain. I had very few days with high levels of pain which I am very thankful for.

Fast forward to 2011...The "good" days are very few and far between. I saw a chiropractor to get adjusted, but that was way too much pain to endure and seemed to make it worse. I saw several doctors and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis last week. I have been trying to process the news, but it's been hard. I know this may seem like it isn't a big deal compared to cancer, but it hurts. It hurts REALLY bad. I can't really explain how it feels to have chronic back and hip pain. It's horrible. I can't walk straight. I can barely put my shoes on. I can't be the mom I should be for Harper. I can't get on the floor and play with her. Some days I can't even pick her up without cringing in pain.

It may seem like I am exaggerating, and I really really wish I was. I don't know where to go from here. I haven't even called the doctor back since he left me a voice mail with the diagnoses. It shouldn't be that hard to call him back, but honestly, I'm scared of what he is going to say. With that said, I need your prayers. A miracle would be nice, but I can settle for some pain management. :)

Have any of you or someone you know gone through this or anything similar? I would love your input and what worked and didn't work for you. I want to be the mom and wife I should be. It's hard to be that person emotionally when I just hurt so dang bad!


All About said...

Melody, I feel your pain. I injured my back in college. Call your doctor back and get acsecond opinion for your own peace of mind. If they both say the same thing, ask them what the next step us. The only
Thong that helPs my back is massage therapy, there has to be something they can do
For you. Call me if you need to scream or vent, or just heed an ear.

Arrie said...

I am so sorry! I will be praying for your wisdom and strength. I have never been through anything like this but my mom has rheumatoid arthritis and as a child I remember her not being able to play with me or walk around the mall to shop with me. We finally found a medicine that helps and she is like a new person and I am thankful to have her back. I hope you can find something that helps and quick so you can be back to normal and feel so much better. :)