Thursday, April 7, 2011

What is UP with my kid puking in public places?!

Before I get to the whole puking part...

I went in to get Harper out of bed to get her dressed this morning. This kid cracks. me. up. She wasn't pissed off like I thought she would be in this predicament. Of course, I had to leave her like that to get my camera. I mean, I'm being a responsible parent by documenting these moments in her life, gah.
She thought it was pretty funny that I was laughing hysterically.
I always set Harper on the potty before I put her in the bath so once we do start the potty training phase, she won't be terrified of it. I mean, I would be pretty scared of a giant whole of water that growls when you touch the while thingy.
She looks like she's concentrating pretty hard on something.
Nope, it's an act and apparently, really funny.
We went to the mall tonight after dinner, and Harper puked all over herself. Again. At the mall. For the third time. Really? As if the public restrooms in the mall are super clean and everything, I have to strip her down, wipe her off so the puke smell doesn't make ME vomit, then get her into another pair of clothes. Luckily, this time I did have some extra clothes. On our way out, we let her play a little to wear herself out.
She went down the big kid slide all by herself!
Is it just me, or is my kid pretty dang cute?

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Arrie said...

That denim outfit is SO cute!!