Saturday, April 9, 2011

I live for Friday's

This morning started off with Harper's friend Juliana coming over to play while her momma got a massage.
Harper "helped" me mail a package to her friend Emily who is still in my friend's uterus. :) I don't recommend taking a toddler to the post office even when said toddler (ah hem) is in a stroller.
We went to T@rget to find a swimsuit that will actually stay on her. The picture makes it look red, but it's coral with white polka dots. SO stinkin' cute!
What's wrong with this picture? I hope the "flashing" stage passes quickly and doesn't carry on into adulthood. That would be embarrassing.
She was dusting the floor. I'm a supporter of child l@bor. (please note the sarcasm)

Anyway, here is a video of Harper "stuck" in her Daddy's boots. I know some of these videos are lame, my Harper's aunts, cousins, and grandparents like them. So deal with it.

Here is a pretty funny one of Harper's reaction to the vacuum being turned on.


Jennifer said...

1) I have several pictures when I was Harper's age with my little tillies exposed to the world. It will be perfect for her wedding slide show some day!

2) Emily can't wait to get her package! She is SO excited!

Jamie said...

i was able to rotate mine in windows movie has been a while though! email me if you want more information and i'll re-figure it out :)!