Thursday, July 3, 2008


So...I am working the 7-4 shift this week so I can make it to my 5:20 flight today (sister vaca in GA). My alarm goes off...get up, take shower, look at my phone...52 after. CRAP! I'm going to be late! I walk out of the bathroom to tell Michael bye and it is WAY darker in the house than it usually is at 6:52 in the morning. I look at the clock again.....5:52. WHAT?? Seriously??
Ughhhhh.....if you know me well, you KNOW I love my sleep.
So what is a fat girl to do this early in the morning? I think Krispy Kreme is calling my name.
toilet phone officially died yesterday. I had to run to At&t between jobs yesterday to get a new is the crappiest phone they have. I didn't want to pay 200.00 for a phone that I can get on eBay for less than half that!


Lexi Lou and Sadie Sue said...

ok, so you may or may not know me...i'm from la grange, older than you and younger than your sisters. i linked to your blog from Jamie Turner's, which i linked to thru her sister Stephanie's. Stephanie will be in my little sister's wedding in a couple weeks. but enough about that...
i want to know how you are getting everyone's blogs to look so kick ass?!?! i'm super bored with mine and want something fun. can you help????
(oh, and PS...sorry about the cell phone issue......but that is HILARIOUS!)

Lexi Lou and Sadie Sue said...

oh, and by the way, my real name is not lexi lou and sadie sue. those are my cats. my name is sarah weishuhn, used to be mueller. :)