Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why me?

Sister vacation in Georgia was WONDERFUL...more on that later.

So yesterday we were all outside taking pictures of the kids on April's front porch. I was the designated picture-taker. We all go inside for the kids to change into another outfit for more pictures. I lay on the couch to check the disk space on my camera. Instead of cancelling out of format, I clicked ok....erasing ALL 400 pictures I had taken of the vacation. Awesome. I wanted to puke and cry at the same time.

After drowning myself in self-pity, we headed to the airport for my 5:30 flight home. At check in I am told the departure time has been moved to 6:15, but I still have about 30 minutes to make my connecting flight in Dallas. I wander around the airport for a while and make it back to my gate...departure time has moved to 6:45...I have 5 minutes to make my connecting flight. Right. I begged the AA rep to get me home that night. My flight was the last scheduled flight from Dallas to Lubbock. UGHHHHHHHH. They switch me to Continental and reroute me through Houston. If my butt would have been an inch wider, I wouldn't have fit in the freakin' seat! (which was, by the way, in the LAST row by the bathroom...middle seat. Once again, awesome.) I manage to get through the 2 hour flight from Atlanta to Houston...barely. The flight from Houston to Lubbock was fine...very small express jet, but fine. I arrive to the airport with no one in site except for the other passengers from the flight. We make it to the baggage claim, and I meet Michael there. Hugs all around. The luggage starts to come out. The other passengers quickly grab their bags and leave....I am still there....waiting on my bag....the carousel stops. Awesome. I find someone to wake up the Continental rep. Yes, I said "wake up." She comes luggage didn't arrive on my flight nor the AA flight I was supposed to come in on. Awesome. All the closes that fit me are in that bag! What the crap?? So I run to Wal-Mart this morning just to find something propriate to work.



April L. said...

Poor Mel! It sucks to have such an awful ending to a great vacation. Sorry siser!

Grammy Forest said...

My poor baby. Sometimes I think the old fashion point and shoot cameras worked better for me than the digital ones, especially the larger ones like we have. I am too heartbroken that the pictures are now in digital heaven. The plane situation sounds exaspirating, but at the end of it all was your precious Michael. The photos you have on your blog of the kids are precious, plus didn't your sisters have their cameras along? Hopefully their photos will fill in the blanks. You know I've been there with that format thing and poof, they are gone. Sad, but now all you have to do is plan another trip to retake, except the rule will be for all of you to come to La Grange, Texas.