Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Job and New Bed!

Michael started his new job on June 4th and loves it so far! He was a stay-at-home dad for a while until he found another job. Yes, it was hard, but I know it happened for a reason, and we survived. We are so fortunate it was only 3 months! He left for San Antonio June 3rd and was there for 2 weeks for training. His first week was pole climbing class. :) He came back home for a week, back to San Antonio for a week, home for a week, and now he is back in San Antonio for his last 4 weeks of training.
He passed the pole climbing portion!
The first weekend he was gone, I scored a FREE twin bed off craigslist and decided to transition Harper out of her crib. I had a moment of panic that I was completely mad for doing this alone, but she did really well and has only fallen out once. ;) My friend Lesley told me about putting a safety thing on the inside of her bedroom door, and it worked like a charm! Once she realized she couldn't get out, she just crawled back into bed and went to sleep.
Watching Cars while I put her room together

I think she likes it!

Such a big girl! Now if we could just get this girl potty trained!

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