Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Father's Day and First Haircut

On Father's Day, we went to Cracker Barrel for brunch then decided to get Harper's hair cut. I trimmed it once before, but that doesn't really count. ;) There's a new place in town called Sharkey's. It's pretty expensive, but since it was her first hair cut, we did it anyway. The place is awesome. She was super excited about the Barbie jeep she got to sit in! 

They gave her this cute certificate, before/after pictures, and a lock of her hair.

She was pretty nervous about getting her hair washed.

 The Barbie jeep made it all worth it, though!

 She even got her nails painted!
 Oh my lanta, this kid is cute!!

 Cracker Barrel had this costume 80% off so of course she needed it.
Disclaimer:: Once we left Sharkey's and her hair dried, it was REALLY uneven. I took her back in, and they did a great job fixing the problem. I don't know how often we will take her here (because of the price and me having to go back for a second time), but she loved it!

Our Father's Day was wonderful, and I am again reminded of how wonderful Harper's daddy is!

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