Thursday, February 9, 2012


At the beginning of last week, Harper started coughing then started running a fever on Wednesday. I took her into the doctor thinking he would just prescribe some cough medicine and maybe an antibiotic since her throat was red, and she wasn't eating well. When we got to the doctor, he sent us down to the lab to test her for RSV. I thought to myself this was silly. Of course she doesn't have RSV. Only infants get that, right?! Wrong. (I mean, I know RSV is common, and adults have it all the time but usually don't know because it's symptoms are those of a common cold.) Anyway, I asked how long she would be contagious. He said a week. I laughed...he didn't. Apparently, he wasn't making a joke. She had already been sick for 4 days so he said she would be fine by Monday. All he told us to do was albuterol/nebulizer treatments. The breathing treatments made her a crazy, psychotic person. She would run around laughing at one point then throw herself on the floor in a crying fit. It was a HARD couple of days.

The first night, I just gave her a treatment while she was asleep.
The next day, she took to the dragon mask a lot better than I predicted. It helped that she got to watch Olivia while wearing it.
Thursday she practically laid on the floor all day.
Thursday afternoon I decided to take one of the sides of her crib off to see how she would like it. She LOVED it....but didn't want to sleep in it. So I put the side back on that night. :)
The next day was pretty much the same. She would only eat crackers.
She started to perk up on Saturday and still tolerating the treatments.
By Saturday evening, she was feeling so much better. Dress up always makes a girl feel better!
She is hardly coughing at all now and feeling much better. I, on the other hand, have had a headache for the past couple of days and now can't hear out of my left ear. This too shall pass....hopefully.

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~she~ said...

Wow...what a thing to go through! I think my son had that when he was little. He was never diagnosed but he had all the symptoms.

Hope she's totally recovered soon! You too!