Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Latest

We moved out of our little apartment in the middle of November. It was bittersweet for sure. We brought Harper home from the hospital to this apartment, and it holds so many good memories. I will not, however, miss our neighbors letting their dog crap on our doormat.

We moved into a much roomier duplex in a nice neighborhood and great school district (we plan on staying here a while!). Harper is always talking about the "new house" and loves all of the room she has to make run around and mess up. Seriously, this girl can tear the place up in a matter of seconds.

Wearing a helmet while watching Dora. Those adventures get dangerous sometimes. You can never be too careful.
Our first fire in our new home
Harper putting on the first ornament
I love Christmas and LOVE having a fireplace!
This past Monday the temperature dropped, and we got our first snow of the season! It wasn't much, but it was enough to love it!
Harper has been pretty snotty so I wouldn't let her play in it, but I definitely had to get her to pose for a picture.
Santa made a visit to Harper's preschool on Tuesday. When I picked her up that day, I asked her teacher how she "handled" Santa. She said, "Oh, she did fine!" I picked her up from school today and opened up a card with this picture in it. HILARIOUS! Apparently, she stopped crying before she saw Ms. Lara in the hall so she assumed she did great. HA! So funny. I think these kinds of Santa pictures are my absolute favorite!
On a side note, I decided to start my own photography business in addition to my current job at the gym. I do photo shoots on the weekends, and I absolutely LOVE it! So get ready for a lot of session posts to follow!

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