Sunday, September 11, 2011

Apple Butter Festival 2011 (and a flashback)

We headed to the Apple Country orchards today for the Apple Butter Festival! It was so hot, so we didn't stay very long. We made it long enough to (try to) feed the goats and sheep, ride the hay ride and pick a couple of apples.

Apparently, the goats and sheep busted out of their pen Friday night and had their fair share of apples from the orchard. They weren't very interested in the feed.
Flashback to 2010!
Harper was fascinated with of the "bapples" everywhere!
Admiring her pick
This was after about 20 minutes, and her cheeks were SO red.
We were really looking forward to the apple cider slushes, but they were in the process of making more when we were leaving and didn't want to wait around for them to freeze. Oh well. I suppose I can wait until next year!

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~she~ said...

It will be cold soon enough and you'll miss these hot days!