Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Phone Pictures

Harper has been nuts lately! She's trying to talk a lot more and thinks it's absolutely hilarious to squeal and run all over the house. She's such a little squirt with a BIG personality!

Playing blocks in the office
She looks like Princess Leia a little!
She got herself stuck in the Bumbo at work and couldn't figure out how to get herself out.
She's starting to look older. *sigh*
Coloring at work
She LOVES to wear her backpack, but I think it weighs as much as she does.

She was "shopping" tonight before her bath.
Michael and I watched some old videos of Harper tonight when she was only days old. It makes me SO sad that I blinked, and now she's almost 2! If this is the case now, I'm going to be a wreck on her first day of kindergarten!

Sidenote: I weighed Harper today, and at 21.5 months, she weighs 20.4 lbs. :)

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