Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday Fun Day

We now have a hitching post at one of our grocery stores. Thank you, God! Now I don't have to tie my horse to the bike rack.

Our Friday fun day started off with a date to Krispy Kreme with Mimi, Charlie, and Sarah Jane. Harper loved her first Krispy Kreme experience!

Charlie getting his snuggles
After breakfast, we headed to the mall to My Jungle. I think I'll wait a while before I pay $7 again for Harper to "play." She was done well before she got her $7 worth!
8 seconds!
SJ and Charlie on the speed boat
Today (August 12th...I'm posting a little late!) is my step mother-in-law's 5oth birthday!! We went to their house for a cook-out tonight and had a great time! It took Harper a little while to get used to all of the strange faces (Mary's side of the family), but she eventually turned into the crazy Harper we know and love. :) She played with her Papa and Aunt Alexa a lot!

On a side note, it RAINED last night!!! This was the first measurable rain since October 2010! God is SO good! The amount of rain we received in the amount of time we received it was incredible, causing massive flash flood. Now our playa lakes are full, and the grass is starting to show some life. The amount of lightening was crazy. I LOVE it!

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