Saturday, July 30, 2011

Poor, Sick Baby

This was the scene at our house tonight.....
Harper and I went to work this morning, and she was SO whiny. She just wanted me to hold her. Well, if you have seen me at work, I don't hold her very often. I honestly thought she just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. She stayed in the pack n play most of the time laying down with her paci and blankie. I ended up leaving an hour early after we slowed down. I figured if her whining was annoying me, it was annoying everyone else.

Are you sitting there thinking "I can't believe she's saying her baby girl is annoying!" Oh, come on. I know you feel that way sometimes too. I am just saying it out loud! Anyway, I was supposed to work in the afternoon as well, but with Harper acting the way she was, I knew it wouldn't be fun for anyone involved. I got my shift covered, and Harper ended up running a fever of 102. Poor baby! I felt REALLY bad after I realized she was so whiny for a legitimate reason! Mom of the year right here.....

She slept for about an hour before dinner time. Michael held her while I ran to Red Box and the grocery store. When I got home, I picked her to take her into her room to strip her down before dinner. Right when I walked into her room, she puked EVERYWHERE. I mean, like all inside one of her canvas boxes (full of wipes, lotion, hair accessories, medicine, diaper name it), all on the floor, and down the front of the changing table. She had a hot dog, cheese, and milk earlier.....Yummy.

Michael tried to help, and the next thing I know, I hear him dry heaving in the other bathroom. Weak. ;) I convinced him to give her a bath while I cleaned everything up. Wow, it was disgusting. I really miss the pre-food days!

She finally went to bed tonight around 9:30. I'm really hoping this is just a 24 (or less) thing. I hate seeing her sick! I have to work tomorrow, so say a little pray for Michael tomorrow that she doesn't toss her cookies while I'm gone. ;)

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~she~ said...

There is nothing worse than sick kids! I'm always in denial when they do get sick and try to fight it. When I finally give in and believe they're actually sick, I feel bad that I didn't spring into action sooner. Oh well, I guess it's a coping mechanism.