Thursday, July 28, 2011

21 Months Old!

Oh Harper Reese,

You are so funny these days! As your Aunt Amy (Mimi) would say, you're the most innocent looking little mess. You are SO sneaky, and you mess with EVERYTHING! Just today while I was in the shower, your cousin Charlie came into the bathroom and went "#2." While he was trying to pull his pants up, you proceeded to play in the toilet before he had a chance to flush it. Oh, how I wish you knew how disgusting that was! Daddy grabbed you up and practically bathed you in Germ-X.
You do the funniest things. When your Daddy or I cross our arms, you cross your arms too and think it's SO funny! You love to "bump" (jump), but you don't know how to actually get your feet off the floor. You LOVE your "Bap" (Max) or "puppa." You don't mind at all when he licks you right in the face.
You are still very attached to your paci and blankie. You do know that you have to leave them in your crib when your Daddy or I get you out of bed. Sometimes it's a fight, but most of the time, you are willing to leave them in your crib. You are obsessed with shoes. This grosses me out when you try on other people's shoes.
You love to play in your room and love it even more when Daddy or I play in there with you.

You love the camera and say "cheese" when I start taking your picture.

You are the best part of my day and love you with all of my heart. You have your Daddy wrapped around your little finger. I'm not too far behind. ;) I can't believe you will be turning two in 3 short months!

Happy 21 months, sweet baby girl. I love you!

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