Friday, July 1, 2011

A not so eventful Friday for a change

Today wasn't too eventful. My mom, Harper, and I met our friends Gerianne and Lib at Rosa's for lunch. I am not a huge fan of Tex-Mex, but I sure do love me some Rosa's! Harper was more than ready for a nap after lunch, so I dropped my mom and Harper off at the house so she could take a nap. I stopped by Amy's house to drop something off and ended up taking Sarah Jane with me to run some errands.
She's so cute and chubby, I can barely stand it!

I was a little worried about taking Sarah Jane to the house because Amy mentioned she was terrified of dogs. She definitely didn't love Max, but I think she'll get used to him eventually. She would just whine and yell at him when he got near her. :)
Grammy with her two youngest babies (How old would you guess my mom is? I bet you wouldn't guess 64 years old!!)
Harper and Sarah Jane watching a little Elmo's World
"I KNOW you didn't just take my chair!"
Sarah Jane hanging out in the jumper while Grammy swiffered the floor
NOT impressed with the furry friend so much
I took Sarah Jane home then headed out to the drive-in to face paint! Tomorrow I plan on sleeping in (hopefully)!

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