Saturday, July 2, 2011

Movies and Swimming

Mom was wanting to take Charlie to see Cars 2 since she got here last week so we decided to tag along. Gerianne went with us too! I could have sworn 2 and under got in free or I wouldn't have even brought Harper!'s under 1. That's so lame! Needless to say, Harper won't be joining us for anymore movies unless it's at the drive-in. She did fine through the previews....

Charlie, Gerianne, Harper
Mom, Charlie, Gerianne
She looks really annoyed with me. I'm sure all of the people around us were making the same face while I was taking a million pictures.
Harper was getting really restless so we headed to the bathroom. I had her sitting up there after I changed her diaper so I could use the restroom. What's really ridiculous is when your kid is too little to stand on their own, and there's nowhere for them to hang out while you go. Holding a baby and trying to use the bathroom is definitely not ideal! I don't miss those days!
Gerianne and I took Charlie swimming at our apts after the movie and while Harper took a nap. He is slightly attached to this boogie board so it definitely had to come to the pool with us. I'm sure it will be more useful at the beach next week!

Check out these cute shirts Gerianne made for Harper and Sarah Jane for the 4th! Aren't they SO cute?!

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Jaidi Clayton said...

I have seen some bathrooms that have little seats for kids. They are by the same company that does the diaper change tables, but they are seats with a 5 point harness. Genius invention and should be in EVERY public bathroom!