Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cousin Camp Day Six: Kemah Boardwalk

We were all dreading the arrival of Saturday morning because it meant our vacation was coming to a close. It took us almost 3 hours to pack everything up, load the cars, and pick up the house.

Harper, Riley, and Sarah Jane jumping in the crib at the beach house while we finished getting everything together
My sweet baby
This wasn't from Saturday, but I found it on my sister's camera. :)
I found this one of Charlie and Landon too. So cute!
We said goodbye to this awesome place. It was absolutely perfect!
We had talked about going to Kemah Boardwalk on the way from Galveston to La Grange, but it had been raining almost the whole time we were packing up our stuff. I checked the radar, and we make the executive decision to go anyway since it was only a 10% chance of rain in Kemah. It ended up being perfect! The rain cooled it off enough so we weren't completely miserable.

Riding the water shuttle from the parking lot to the boardwalk

All of the kids before all the fun began
I couldn't resist posting this picture. Charlie got in trouble, so we walked ahead to wait for Amy to talk to him. Crazy kid.
All of us with our kids
Sweet baby ready for some fun
The first stop was the carousel. I rode with Riley on the 2nd level.
Riley thought her mommy was going on the ride with her, so this is when she starting freaking out and wanting off the ride!
Landon and I on the Aviator (with Jordyn in the plane behind us)
Riley, Amy, and Charlie on the train
Sweet, hot babies
Sarah Jane
After we got our share of the rides, we let the kids play in the fountains. It was perfect!
Riley is SO funny. She definitely kept us entertained.
Jordyn and Harper
Sarah Jane after attacking her momma's ice cream cone
We left Kemah after 5:00 and were exhausted! Harper was asleep before we even got out of the parking lot. We stopped for dinner in Katy then finally made it home to La Grange close to 10:00. It was a long, but wonderful ending to our awesome cousin camp!

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